Sunday, December 19, 2010

World's Top 10 Luxury Hotel Suites

The Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Geneva
The President Wilson Hotel Geneva is Starwood’s Luxury Collection. From the magnificent 17th century Gobelin tapestries adorning the walls of the lobby to the classic European furnishings in the rooms and suites, the hotel spells out elegance and refinement. The hotel is of course also equipped with all the most modern amenities. And on a hot summer day, the outdoor swimming pool is a most welcome added plus. Enjoy exquisite traditional cuisine at "Le Cirque" restaurant or be more adventurous and sample exotic Lebanese delicacies at the "Arabesque" restaurant. In summer treat yourself to a leisurely lunch or dinner, possibly after a swim, at the pool garden facing the lake. Charges start from 65,000 USD for one suite per night.

Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel, New York
This suite, which first opened to the public in 2007, has 9 rooms, the walls of which are inlaid with thousands of pieces of nacre. The rooms are peaceful, so that the guest can think of issues of national importance. There is also a Zen garden set in the Penthouse, there is a room for the SPA procedures and a spacious library, where you can hold musical parties. There is a grand piano in the center of the hall. Charges 35,000 USD for one suite per night.

The Presidential Suite, Hotel Cala di Volpe, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia
There is everything in multi-level apartments necessary for an Arab sheik or a president of the company: three bedrooms, three bathrooms, its own gym, steam room and even a wine cellar. There is swimming pool with sea water. Do you like the room? Hurry up to live in it till June. In summer, prices will increase up to 10 thousand dollars. Charges 34,000 USD for one suite per night.

Villa La Cupola Suite, Westin Excelsior, Rome
Once being in these luxurious apartments, located on the fifth and sixth floors of the hotel, you cannot help thinking of the excessive luxury of ancient Rome. Everything here is a little too much: a Jacuzzi Pompeian-style frescoes and stained glass windows, on which the mythological figures coexist with allegories of our time. So, you’re surprised to distinguish the image of the Atlas and Television, Hypnosis and Neurosis, Hermes and Marketing, with huge balconies overlooking the famous Via Veneto. They charge 31,000 USD for one suite per night. 

The Presidential Suite, Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
A room worth of adoption within its walls the head of any state of the world, is located on the top floor of the tallest building of Tokyo. It offers spectacular views of Mount Fuji and the urban landscapes of the Japanese capital. Charges from 25,000 USD for one suite per night.

The Bridge Suite, The Atlantis, Bahamas
Apartments, located on the twenty-third floor, will remain in the memories of a guest with their beautiful marble floors and chandeliers made of 22-carat gold. Previously, this room was called “Suite of Michael Jackson”, because he liked to stay there. Charges 22,000 USD per night.

The Imperial Suite, Park Hyatt Vendome, Paris
The key concept of the room is SPA, because it has a special bath with whirlpool, steam room and a special room with a massage table. But visitors can be taken to a huge living room, dine in the dining room and work in office equipped with the latest technology. They charge 20,000 USD per night.

Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab, Dubai
It was built in 1990 in the form of a giant sail hotel, which has today become a real symbol of Dubai. The interior decoration is made in oriental style. The quintessence of Arabian luxury is in the royal suite: there are marble floors, leopard carpets, its own elevator and a rotating bed under a beautiful canopy on the twenty-fifth floor of the hotel. Charges 19,600 USD per night.

Armleder Royal Suite, Le Richemond, Geneva
The most luxurious hotel room is named after a wealthy family, who owned the hotel till 2004. Two-bedroom suite is located on the seventh floor. There are three bedrooms and a huge terrace with a panoramic view of Lake Geneva. However, those who constantly feared assassination, it is better not to appear on the balcony and admire the surroundings through the bulletproof window. Charges 18,900 USD per night

The Ritz-Carlton Suite, The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow
The top ten list is closed by the room in the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The most luxurious suite in Moscow was the less expensive one. The interior is decorated in Russia’s imperial style. The rooms have a view of the most popular sights, including the Kremlin and Red Square. Charges 16,500 USD per night.

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