Thursday, December 2, 2010

Passikudah,Sri Lanka

Passikudah situated about 28km north of Batticaloa town, in the Batticaloa District, of the Eastern Province and about 5 hrs journey from the Capital Colombo. The brazen eastern coastline and the bay of Passikudah, an inlet of shallow water and crescent-moon bay that prior to the war erupting in 1983 was one of the country's most popular getaways. It was very popular among visitors due to the calm clear waters.

Passikudah is a very calm beach and if you need to be lonely for a moment this is the best beach for that. The sea is very tranquil and waves will touch you gently. The beach is around 4 km long and it is an ideal stretch for bathing, windsurfing and water skiing. The bay contains a shallow fringing coral reef towards the outer bay with scattered coral communities within the bay. It is one of the best-known reef systems in the east coast.

The surrounding is poor with residents and now there are very few amounts of Hotels here. However, you can arrange hotel stays at very reasonable rates. So before you are going to passikudah you better to reserve any place and it will be a comfort for you. But if you managed to perform a camp site, really this is very good beach for that and you stay in the night on this tranquil beach under a tent. The visitors are advisable to hire an individual guide / driver which are quite convenient.

The people believe tourism will inevitably return to the east and that large-scale tourism can be quickly developed. The area was inaccessible for nearly three decades due to the war and currently it will accessibly by all forms of transport. The land along the Passikudah Beach had been leased by the state to many private companies and that there are 13 new hotels to be built there soon. You can see so many hotel projects already in progresses and it seems there are series of ecologically responsible resorts are going to open soon on the beach to cater the demand of local and foreign tourists. However, it’s hard to imagine that after decades of warfare and violence the Batticola district can become a tourist destination anytime soon.