Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nilaveli, Sri Lanka

Located on the East Coast of Sri Lanka along the unspoiled beaches of Nilaveli is infamous for its white sand and clear blue seas, the Nilaveli Beach is at about 275 km away from Colombo. Transport services can be arranged with local tour operators while public transport options such as bus and train services are also available from Colombo to Trincomalee. Local aviation firms have also introduced inland flights for the convenience of travellers. The ideal season to visit the East Coast of the Sri Lanka would be from April to October.

The soft sands and the gentle breeze caress your cheek as you tread softly on the golden sands of Nilaveli beach under the sunny sky. Yonder you will see the great Pigeon Island where a big flock of rock pigeons soar high with their graceful grey wings doing a sort of air dance. The beauty of Nilaveli is definitely like no other and after a long journey from the city, the fresh air and the serenity of the place will make you feel like you’ve come to heaven.

Nilaveli got several types of accommodations which fits your beget. The Nilaveli Beach hotel which has been the first luxury hotel to make full use of the bounty that is known as Nilaveli. Other than Nilaveli Beach hotel, there are not many to choose from. The notable ones are Mauro Hotel (just north of the Nilaveli Beach Hotel by 10 minutes walking) and further you can find Sea View Hotel and Coral Beach Hotel. Most of the places are resort type hotels. The prices of the accommodations in Nilaveli may increase considerably depending on the number of tourists around.  There are no restaurants or big shops in Nilavel area, so if you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort getaway this might work for you. Also, because this area is a "tourist" location, prices for everything are little bit expensive than other places.

An ideal location for snorkelling excursions, Pigeon Island is located a few hundred meters offshore from the Nilaveli Beach. A 10 minute boat ride will get you to the isle which is a breeding site for the Blue Rock Pigeon. Whale Watching can also an interesting activity in Nilaveli, where more than 12 different species are found. Nilaveli is also the home for the wonderful flora and fauna, thriving species of corals and aquatic life.

Nearby Attractions
On the East side of the Trincomalee town lies “Fort Frederick” used by the Portuguese in 1624, later by the Dutch and named by the British to honour the Duke of York in 1803. At the Northern tip of Fort Frederick is the “Swami Rock” which drops more than 100 meters directly to the sea below. This drop is also known as the "lovers leap" according to an old legend. On the highest point of the cliff is the “Tirukonesvaram Kovil”. 

To be honest, the beach is really nice and the people are extremely nice .The hope is that many hotels will work hand-in-hand with nature but set an example and get foreign tourists and domestic travellers involved in keeping the beauty of Nilaveli intact.

Note: This post contains more detail information of “Nilaveli” area, you can read my previous post about “Nilaveli” @ http://younghoteliers.blogspot.com/2010/02/nilaveli-beach-trincomalee-sri-lanka.html

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