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Jaffna Hotels

Jaffna City Map
There are many small hotels, lodges and Inns available for you to stay comfortably in and around Jaffna town with good facilities. Most of the Hotels and Lodges offer A/C rooms, hot water shower with meals. Some hotels are located just in the heart of the Jaffna city while many of them are located in and around the outer city such as Nallur, Kantharnmadam or Chundukulli. The hotels and lodges which can offer you ample parking and accommodation for your driver at very low price

Jaffna Town
Most of the Jaffna hotels and lodges offer transport service with or without A/C for their customers at an affordable rate. You can hire or self drive Japanese vans and cars for transport around the Jaffna district from your accommodation providers.Visitors can get vegetarian and Non-vegetarian meals from your hotel or lodge. There are many top class restaurants that can offer you Eastern and Western dishes in good atmosphere.It is better to make advance booking, if you are going to visit Jaffna in the festive period.

Hotels and Lodges in Jaffna:

Luxetoiles Inn
34, Chetty Street Lane,
Tel: 0094 21 222 3966     

Yarl Rest House
121, Palali Road,
Phone: 0094 21 2223817 / 0094 21 2227125 / 0094 773611282

Yarl Paady Residency
51, Amman Road,
Tel: 0094 21 2226868  / 0094 777360353

Iyanar Guest House
29/33, Udaiyar Lane,
Iyanar Kovil Road,
Tel: 0094 21 2228653 / 0094 714461812  / 0094 774308001

Blue Haven
70, Racca Lane,
Tel : 0094 21 2229958

Tilko Jaffna City Hotel
70/6, K.K.S Road, (In front of Jaffna main post office)
Tel : 0094 21 2225969

Expo Pavilion Hotel
40, Kandy Road,
Tel : 0094 21 2223790  /  0094 11 2576941      

Expo Pavilion - Luxury Serviced Apartment
873, Hospital Road,
Tel : 0094 21 2223790  /  0094 11 2576941      
Green Grass Hotel & Restaurant
33, Aseervatham Lane,
Hospital Road,
Tel : 0094 21 2224385

Cosy Hotel & Resturant
15, Sirampiyady Lane,
Tel : 0094 21 2225899


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