Monday, December 13, 2010

Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

The arch of “Welcome to the City of Singing Fish”
Batticaloa is situated at a distance of 314 km from Colombo and it is famous for its `Singing Fish' and picturesque lagoon. On full moon nights a faint but distinct musical sound rises from the lagoon waters. This is attributed to a noise emanated by a kind of fish found in the lagoon. A Dutch Fort near the lagoon is another tourist attraction.Batticaloa looks very attractive, with its causeways and bridges.For years warnings against travel to this part of the island, now the conflict is over and the international & local tourists are visiting here to see its beauty and the heritage. The population in the Coastal Towns south of Batticoloa are incredibly friendly helpful, even when they knew I wasn't much of a business opportunity but promoting the destination.
Clock Tower in the Town
Traveling to Batticaloa is exciting, some of the best beaches in Sri Lanka are over here in this district. Wonderful Passikuda beach and Arugam bay are the notable ones, you can see the numbers of the visitors during the European summer holiday period. You can have the best weather in here except the rainy seasons of November to January. Finding a reasonable accommodation was not a problem, most of them are not classified as a star class however, they are with good facilities. The sun rise can take your breath away and visitors are so welcome that even the fish sing at you.

The old Dutch Ford
Sunset over the Lake
A resting hut near the Lagoon
This is the place where Batticaloa lagoon connects with Indian Ocean

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