Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Travel Guide to Maldives - Part 3

Local island trip
The best way to experience the life of an ordinary Maldivian is to travel to an inhabited island. Some of these islands are slightly more modern; with brightly painted house walls and harbor areas. There are also the quiet fishing villages with lots of tree-shade, swings, and the traditional wooden Holhuashi. A Holhuashi is rather like an island-version of a gazebo, build with hollow wooden trunks tied together forming large, bench like seat, and often with a thatched roof. They are conveniently set up on beaches, often where the boats come in, and are a place where islanders wind off after a day’s work, exchanging news, telling stories, playing cards, and listening to local radio.

Fishing, agriculture, and fish related manufacturing is what most people in the islands do for work while some go away to find jobs in tourism and trading. Some islands are also good places to buy local handcrafts. it is a typical island custom that everyone finish their work by late afternoon, take their daily showers or bath near their wells, dress the children in fresh cloths and go for a stroll in the island, visiting friends and relatives, delivering small bowls of fresh homemade curry, or taking some time to relax at the beachside, watching the late afternoon sun while the children play around at the beach

Night fishing
Fishing is in the Maldivian blood. It is so entwined in the lives of Maldivians that there are celebrations when a good catch is caught and complaints when fish is scarce at the dinner tables. To experience the satisfaction of catching and cooking your own fish, a night reef fishing trip (offered by a lot of resorts) is the way to go. Your boat leaves before the sunset to find a good spot near a reef. The boat crew will show you how to use the lines, hooks, and sinkers. You will catch enough to fill your barbecue grill in about an hour’s time

Virgin Islands
After a good catch it is time to head to a deserted island to eat and celebrate. With over 1.190 islands and only few hundred being utilized, it is easy to find an uninhabited island anywhere in the Maldives. Hence, the tourist then can enjoy their catch which is been grilled to perfection over red hot ambers. Nevertheless, a day- time trip to a desert island is an experience of its own. For instance, the raw, unspoilt vegetation surrounded by blinding beaches and dazzling sunbeam-lined waters are like a phantasm; everything feels imagined, and you will definitely feel like you are the  only person in this beautiful universe.

Honeymoon in Maldives
Maldives can be considered as a world’s best backdrop for an ultimate honeymoon especially for a newly wed couple. The resorts of Maldives offer luxurious honeymoon packages for the honeymooners. Likewise, one can enjoy a candle light dinner under the stars or else they can also let themselves into the daring getaway to a nearby uninhabited island all by themselves for the whole day, or just lazing around in your private bungalow watching the endless turquoise waters while you are treated to a spa treatment in the room.

Spa and wellness
Just lying on a deserted beach of a Maldivian island, taking in nothing but the continuous rhythm of the waves, the sea salt in the air and feeling the soft white sand on your bare feet is enough to sooth your senses.

Spas set in the Maldives, thus, are perfected as the ultimate getaway cocoons in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean. Traditional healing methods that have been passed on for generations as family secrets by the Hakeembe (healing experts) have been incorporated into special spa programs in the Maldivian islands

The types of treatments vary with each spa but you can get almost any world-class treatment in the Maldivian spa. Every Maldivian resort has a spa; some of them nestled deep within thick vegetation, others sitting in solitude on a wooden jetty built on the lagoon, and some even built underwater.

Maldivian virgin coconut oil produced using age-old extraction techniques which is known  among islanders for its hydrating and healthful elements is now used  in some resorts, spas, as is the local favorite gandhakolhi leaf which is blended to treat almost any minor ache, and the traditional Maldivian sand massage used by islanders to cure muscle and joint pains.
Hilton Resorts Maldives 

To be continued……

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