Thursday, October 21, 2010

The science of food and mood

Food plays a vital role in controlling human mood. For instance, why do people like to eat chocolates or something sweet when their mood swings? Does, eating normal rice and lentils curry helps to get rid of mood swings? Well, the answer can definitely be yes without any doubt. In fact, the food you consume has a positive impact on your mood. Hence, it can actively act in changing the mood of any human being. To give a broader spectrum of this scenario, below listed are some of the best and worst foods to be consumed in relate to different types of moods.

Stress and depression
Been in high level of stress can easily bring mood swings. Thus, been unable to meet your deadline of work can bring a lot of stress at the same time bring a negative impact to your overall mood. For instance, when someone is in extreme stress, many things turn out to go in the wrong direction instead of been in the appropriate way. In this kind of situation, you can probably sit down at an open area, relax, take a nice long breath and eat roasted pumpkin seeds. Other than this, you can even eat flakes seeds or else walnuts to reduce the stress level. According to famous Nutritionist, consuming foods with high level of Omega- 3 can produce a high proportion of Magnesium in your body which also can lower down the stress level. If you’re too busy, you can even probably grill some meat and eat for dinner which can bring relaxation to the nervous system of the body.

Some people get nervous when it is the time for them to attend an interview where else some may even get scared and nervous when their final exams gets closer. Other than this, some may even get nervous and get high heart beat rate during their first date with their boyfriend or even girlfriend. In these circumstances, drink some Lemon juice or else choose a favorite dish rich in Potato. Since, Lemon and Potato has high nutritional level with B complexs and Vitamin C, it can help to bring relaxation to the body. However, using oily foods and caffeine drinks is not at all advisable at this kind of condition. Hence, consuming these items can even bring more nervousness and fear. Yet, you can consume grilled chicken which is quite rich in Proteins to rest the nerves of your body.

Are you feeling sad because of something? If so, quickly grab a Dark Chocolate which can bring sudden energy into your body and helps you get away from sadness. Foods rich in Magnesium such as Banana and Apricot are the most suitable foods you can consume at this kind of situation. Even foods that have Folic acid such as Spinach and Orange Juice can even change your mood at a glimpse.

If you’re unable to get rid of your anger, use foods that bring coolness to your body. Foods such as Cucumber and Yogurt belong to this category. Even, drinking cold milk can also help you to reduce your anger. Yet, consuming different types of Fizzy drinks such as Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite can increase your anger level.

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