Thursday, October 14, 2010

Colourful Colombo

This is Colombo, Sri Lanka. A vibrant city of the island nation, which I call home. It is  the capital of Sri Lanka, biggest city and major port, draws together all the colours and cultures that make up this beautiful island nation, condenses them into a patchwork of markets, gardens and buildings both humble and grand, and knocks them against a narrow slab of beach front. 

Many of the visitors will appreciate Colombo’s colonial heritage, its fine dining and shopping opportunities, and the dash of urban buzz in an overwhelmingly rural country. Others will tire quickly of the diesel fumes and the modern buildings on Galle Rd, the city’s main artery but there are plenty of cultural and historical attractions in areas such as Fort, Cinnamon Gardens and Pettah.

The photos include city views and travel photographs of Colombo’s sights and attractions. The images below are courtesy of some gifted photographers, who were willing to share and expose their work via a Creative Commons license. My sincere thanks go to all of them.

Bright day light over the Colombo City

Rainy day's sky over the Colombo City
Beautiful skyline over the City
Evening skyline over the Colombo City
Sunset in Colombo City
Night lights on in the City
Beautiful night sky over the City
Colombo lake in the night
Galle face
Ice-Cream seller in Galle Face
Galle Face Hotel
Rainbow over Bera Lake
BMICH in Colombo
Town Hall Colombo (CMC)
Gangaramaya Colombo
Slave-Island Temple
Mosque in Town Hall
Old Pettah Mosque
Cargills Building an old British Heritage
 May you be blessed with long life,Thank you.


MVG said...

I really ike the evening skylight picture, it makes Colombo look like a really nice place to stay/live.


Thank you.