Saturday, October 16, 2010

Business Class: Colombo, Sri Lanka

The improved business climate in Sri Lanka following the end of the war and the opening up of the North and East for trade and investment make this an opportune time for business men and women to learn more about Sri Lanka. This beautiful Island nation become a Naval, Aviation, Commercial, Energy and Knowledge hub and Colombo is the nerve centre for its business activities.

Thanks to Channel news Asia for telecasting an unbiased In-depth analysis of the business environment in Colombo, for people whom they want to invest in this beautiful country. These videos are touching down the every aspects of business life in Colombo and its magnificent hotels, people and more. Relationship building is such a vital part of the business culture that you should expect to be treated extremely well. We Sri Lankans are pride for ourselves on being gracious hosts.

Business Class: Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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