Saturday, October 9, 2010

Analysis of Service Quality - Singapore Airlines vs Garuda Indonesia

Today, competition is not only rife, but at the same time growing more intensely. Hence, companies need to pay extra attention to their competitors and understand their customers more precisely. Likewise, one of the main subsector of tourism industry which is currently been hugely affected by intense competition is airlines. Thus, they have to believe customers as the core concept of their business since customer satisfaction is what guarantees the future of airline business and it can only be achievable by having an adoption between the services and passenger needs. In another words, service quality has a direct impact on the level of customer satisfaction and typically defined in terms of customer satisfaction.

A Colleague of mine did a research analysis based on the service quality between Singapore Airlines & Garuda Indonesia, which demonstrates a better understanding in terms of passenger satisfaction level within these two Airlines and  the current management practices carried on by each airline with improvements for the near future.

My sincere thanks go to Malaka, a Masters student from Southern Cross University, Bangkok campus, who is willing to share this informative article with us. For those who want to download, you can simply do it @

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