Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amazing Race Asia & Sri Lankan Tuk-Tuk Drivers

"The Amazing Race Asia", the Asian Edition of the one of the biggest TV Reality show in the history touched down in Sri Lanka for a surprising move. Challenges were held in various locations in & around Colombo and the down south of Sri Lanka. The first pit stop was the Independence Square and the second pit stop was Kalutara for this leg of the race and the contestants’ face more challenges in Sri Lanka.The US Edition of "The Amazing Race" touched down in Sri Lanka several years ago on a short stop over, however this is a much longer visit.

It was a treat to see our locals from fisher folk to garment factories getting involved in the show's challenges.
The money issue became a major factor for the past two episodes. The major setback was the shameful display by our Tri-shaw drivers who kept over charging the contestants.In a couple of instances the drivers were asking for Rs 900/= to Rs 3000/= for a short trip across the city of Colombo. 

According to the tourism ministry of Cambodia one of the selling points when the Amazing Race USA proposed filming in their country is the benefit of the exposure they will receive from the show to attract tourists. This situation doesn't bode well for Sri Lanka. From this experience it appears that the Trishaw (tuk tuk) Drivers rip off the foreigners and its shame on the SLTDA did anything to control this issue. According to Wiki Travel most Three-wheel driver's in Sri Lanka tends to over price foreigners. It is very disgraceful and it will definitely give a very poor impression of Sri Lanka to anyone in Asia watching this popular TV series.
Tuk-Tuk Tourism in Sri Lanka


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