Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Changing Hotel Architecture

All of us are discussing about carbon foot prints by hotels. I would like to share my thoughts on planning a Hotel and would appreciate if you would like to add any.

* Take advantage of Existing Landscape.

* Use maximum local Local material.

* Incorporate local art, craft and architectural features in the design.

* The building should take advantage of natural Sunlight, Wind, water, rain and other resources to reduce energy usages.

* Avoid building just for beauty, each area should be revenue generating and functional.

* The Architect should involve an experienced Hospitality Operator to ensure maximizing return from investment.

* Use latest technology to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.

* The design should provide for future expansion and modification.

* The building architecture should last for very long time.

* Keep in mind to maintain right balance between functionality and aesthetic aspect of each item.

* Try to blend the project in its natural surroundings.

* Beside good landscape, add lots of plants and water bodies in the Hotel.

* Add unique features in your design which should make the Hotel different and easy to market.

* Research local history, Master Plan and future growth trends before planning.

Thank you for your attention.

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