Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New York Times Selects Sri Lanka as the No One Place to Visit in 2010.

This year has seen the first really positive stories about Sri Lanka, in the western media. For my whole life there’s always been an asterisk after Sri Lanka. ‘Oh, you’re from Sri Lanka. I’ve heard it’s great place, but…’ and then you get into the war and the intractable situation and it sucks. It’s been like dating a beautiful girl with an axe in her head. The amount of times I’ve had that war conversation is legion and it’s not like we ever figured anything out. I’d rather talk about the beaches, or my family. Now we can. Sri Lanka is reaching its planned targets on tourism sector and the plan of naming the year 2011 as the year of tourism. End of a 30 year cruel war, restoration of peace and political stability has made the prestigious New York Times January 10, 2010 issue list Sri Lanka as number one destination to travel.

The New York Times in its " Thirty one places to go in 2010",Sri Lanka is reviewed by travel writer Lionel Beehner who said," The conclusion of the war has open the eyes of the world to this teardrop-shaped island off India’s coast, rich in natural beauty and cultural splendors”. The writer has also hailed tourist locations in the North and East as attractive tourist areas with stylish resorts and, boutique hotels and guest houses to cater to needs of tourists.

I really think Sri Lanka deserves this. Travelling around Sri Lanka is so much fun, so easy, so cheap, and so beautiful. You can get so many places in one day and there are still so many untouched places to discover. People are super nice, you can get a smattering of English anywhere and it’s pretty safe. The food is good, the water is nice, the sunset and sunrise are amazing. What else could you want?

In the article ‘The 31 Places to go in 2010’ Sri Lanka which has been reviewed by New York Times’ travel writer Lionel Beehner had said that the conclusion of the war has opened the eyes of the The New York Times article begins with “For a quarter century, Sri Lanka seems to have been plagued by misfortune, including a brutal civil war between the Sinhalese majority and Tamil minority. But the conflict finally ended last May, ushering in a more peaceful era for this teardrop-shaped island off India’s coast, rich in natural beauty and cultural splendors….” speaks the places to visit in Sri Lanka including newly implemented development works just after defeating terrorism.

Unawatuna, a crescent-shaped beach a few miles south of Galle, international airport in Matara, on the island’s southern shore, is under construction, the most scenic, if difficult stretches to reach, is Nilaveli Beach, elephants roam freely, water buffaloes idle in paddy fields and monkeys swing from trees and several other places have been included in the article.

Link to the original article by Lionel Beehner

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