Sunday, January 3, 2010


Is this a Myth or is this a Fact - Does one really need a good Boss or a Mentor - Or is it just the LUCK Factor that plays the role in this - How much of influence or help does the Mentor or a Good Boss have on You - Will it Help in developing a Positive You or would it Stunt Your Growth - Would this actually be a motivating factor or otherwise - Would this lead to complacency - Many such questions have been cropping up in my mind from the time I began my career --- and I am yet to find the Right Answer.
Personally I have felt the effects of not having a GOOD BOSS or MENTOR in the early and middle stages of my career, however by then one just learns things the hard practical way and moves on ahead. But it does affect the confidence and psyche of the individual. And by the time I got a Good Mentor, the situation in the then company went topsey-turvey ( I mentioned the Luck Factor earlier on this count ), and that just went for a toss. However I took things in a very Positive manner and Outlook and learnt from every success and failure of mine. The Self Determination to stay Positive, Focussed and Succeed, played a BIG Role in my Professional journey till date.
Whatever I learnt during my onward journey, I did try to pass on to my younger colleagues, however, I never ever suggested that they blindly follow it. I have had many come up to me and ask for help and guidance, which I have sincerely passed on and today, I feel Very Proud and Emotionally satisfied on knowing it has helped them, for there are quite a few who have moved up the ladder and hold positions of responsibilities. They have openly acknowledged this Fact to me, of my having been a BIG INFLUENCE.
Yet my questions to myself on this are un-answered..... Maybe somebody out there could throw some light and help.

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