Sunday, January 10, 2010

Going on vacation: The expected benefits.

I’ll begin this article with my wishes, the best for this New Year 2010. May she bring us success, joy and vacation for all.
The purpose of these articles won’t be to recall what you know already, but rather to help you while researching different destinations for your next holiday. We will therefore highlight a number of destinations, as well as the easiest way to book them if they suit you, and also facilitate a considerable reduction of time to choose the destination of your dreams. Indeed, how many of you after long hours of work have been forced to sit once again in front of their computer, and book their vacation? How many times have you fought because Mr. or Mrs. disagreed on the period chosen to go on vacation, choice of destination, the cost of the stay and itinerary or activities selected?
For centuries, travelling for pleasure was a luxury reserved for the wealthy. However, with the increasing income of the middle class and the contribution of the automotives and airplanes to reduce the distances, the early 20th century has given access to almost all segments of our society, the opportunity to travel for pleasure; to go on vacation.
Several decades of research on tourism have concluded that generally, the expected benefits of leisure are actually variables indicative of consumer behaviour in travel, rather than their income or other socio-demographic characteristics.
People are going on vacation because they want to escape the daily routine, feel rejuvenated, achieve status and prestige, meet people, learn something, or simply admire the landscape. These benefits related to Leisure can be a significant and effective motivation for a fan of travel, rather than the only notion of cost.
Travellers expect three main benefits of their holidays.
The first benefit is simply rest and relaxation, with the main objective being detachment from the everyday environment, relaxation and tension relief, and no "program". Indeed, nearly two-thirds of adult travellers say that this benefit is very important in a pleasure trip.
The second type of benefit relates to the maintenance of relationships with family and friends. In this case, one of the main objectives of the trip is to maintain family ties, to enrich the traveller’s relationship with his or her spouse and children, to accumulate memories and renew personal ties with persons other than family.
The third type of benefit relates to learning and discovery. Travellers are seeking new and different experiences, they want to discover the history and cultures of other places, and they seek to enrich their perspective on life by stimulating their intellect. Only just over a quarter of travellers place a very important value to this benefit.
The benefits that travellers expect to attain from their holidays or their pleasure trip does not only revolve around their demographic characteristics. Knowing that Holidays implies a departure, travellers choose a destination in which they can combine the benefits they are looking for.
Whoever we are, whatever job we are doing, we need to go on a holiday at one time or another. We need to depart, forget our life and daily routine, think about something else, and depending on what we want, we will go to the intended destination.
And because great travel experiences often have a life time effect on you and your life, planning and purchasing them is far too important to be left to chance.

Happy Holidays, Enjoy your Vacation!

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