Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Burj Dubai Tower – Luxury Hotel and Apartments in the… Highest Building in the World

The Dubai Burj Tower is the new crown jewel in city of Dubai, renowned world-over for its amazing edifices. This super tall, silvery glass-sheathed sky scrapper would stand as the tallest structure in Dubai. Moreover, the tower would also be designated as Earth’s tallest building in the Middle East with 200 stories at a height of 800 meters or 2625 feet.

The tower is essentially a part of 2 km² development in ‘Downtown Dubai’. Located at the defence roundabout you would get the Burj Dubai tower at the first interchange of along the Sheikh Zayed Road at Doha Street in Dubai.

The Burj Dubai Tower would comprise residential apartments. Apart from this you would also be able to access the highest observation deck to be situated at a staggering height of 517 meters on the 124th floor. Moreover, to your amazement, the Tower would also host the world’s first 6 star Armani Hotel.

Burj Dubai Tower Construction

The iconic masterpiece is a joint undertaking by the Belgian company Besix, the South Korean company Samsung and the UAE Company Arabtec. The total budget allotted for construction, lurching at 4.1 million US dollars might put you at fix. In the suburbs of the tower, you would find luxurious and magical lifestyle, cropping up as a part of development initiatives in Downtown Burj Dubai.

The grand edifice of Downtown Dubai would take the shape of a tapering three winged tower requiring use of 280,000 million tons of concrete. The giant structure would be framed with over 0.5 million tons of steel in the equipment floors as well as spire from the 15th floor to add more weight and firmness.

Burj Dubai Tower Design

The most interesting aspect that you would like about the Burj Dubai Tower is its design. The design for the tower was initiated by an American, Adrian Smith before being handed over to Owings, Merrill and Skidmore, the constructors of Sears Tower of Chicago and the Freedom Tower of New York fame. The complete layout of the Burj Dubai Tower is their brainchild.

In the design of Burj Dubai tower, you find an apparent shadow of patterning systems usually a part of embossed Islamic architecture, having triple-lobed footprint of the building that is based on an abstract desert flower native to the region. The tower would be composed of three elements set up around a central core. Since the tower rises from the flat desert base, there are set backs at each element in an upward spiralling pattern, which compresses the cross-section of the tower as it raises.

Further, a Y-shaped floor plan would provide you a maximized view of the floor plan. The tower once erected would appear to you as onion shaped domes typical of Islamic architecture. The exteriors of the tower would offer reflective glazing with textured stainless steel spandrel panels and aluminium in the form of vertical tubular fins. The interiors would be a great delight for you to watch, ornamented by Giorgio Armani. Of course, not to miss, you would have the world’s fastest elevator, rising and descending at 65 km/h or 18 m/s at Burj Dubai tower.

Although Burj Dubai Tower claims high ranks, however according to the builders that purpose of the tower is not to add another skyscraper, rather it aims to incarnate the highest aspiration in the world and incorporate the will to deliver the goods and make Dubai an abode to be. The tower would be a living proof of Dubai’s central role in the fast growing world.

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