Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We Lankans had our concerns I mean the only thing you hear about the place on the news involves detonating bombs in the capitol, the ongoing civil war, and corruption. But surprise, you come to love this lovely island. Yes, it has its problems - big problems. But well, so does Detroit and as a Lankan lived here for long years this is a cakewalk. Combine with the lovely beaches and warm people.
The best tip would be this doesn’t plan to pack many clothes. Buy them here - yup. I am serious. Our Lankan produces are some 20% of the world's textiles. Go look at some of your labels and you'll see proof. I shop and pay a good price for quality brand name clothing I would have easily paid 30 or 50 times in Europe and other Countries. Honestly, if you shop for clothes to last you the next year or two while you are visiting, it will more than cover the cost of your plane fare. And you get some sunshine and a beach - what else could be better?
Ok...now time to go for a ride...let’s see one of our beautiful beach town “Unawatuna”....

Unawatuna Beach is located just south of Galle, 125km from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. It is perfectly situated, small and highly sought-after bay on Sri Lanka's less-developed South coast. This beautiful stretch of beach lies 4 km to the south of Galle. Unawatuna, located 4km’s southward around the coast of Galle. This 4km expanse of palm-fringed sand is said by some to rank amongst the twelve best beaches in the world. Unawatuna is still far from being over-developed. But this beach is a paradise for all those who yearn to listen to the silence of the sea and dive deep into the blue waters of the ocean. There is a reef protecting the beach, which makes it perfectly safe for bathing. Other major attractions of this south coast beach include providing shallow waters for swimming, and diving. Within its reach it has an accessible, reasonably well-preserved coral reef that serves as the base for snorkelling. For all those who fancy scuba diving, this tropical bay at the south of the coast of Galle will definitely catch your fancy since for the scuba divers, there are several wreck dives only 20-30 minutes away from the beach by boat .Thus it is the most favoured beach for all those looking for some exciting water sport activity like swimming, scuba diving or snorkelling.
The beautiful wide curving Golden Unawatuna beach mesmerizes you to take a deep plunge into the blue waters, offering you an exhilarating experience that would last for a lifetime... The legend of Ramayana has also been attached to Rumasssala, a rocky outcrop jutting into the sea at Unawatuna. This rocky outcrop is believed to be a piece of mountain that was fallen when Lord Hanuman brought the mountain to Sri Lanka in search of a medicinal herb to treat Laxamana - Rama's brother wounded in battle.
This small bay is graced with golden sands and a calm turquoise sea .The serene surroundings and the Dutch architecture also add its own charm to the place. The enchanting Unawatuna Beach calls all the travellers to revel in the sandy, pristine beaches and get a feel of the Sri Lankan southern coast.

For me and my cousin this is one of our favourite places in Sri Lanka, the chilled-out beach town of Unawatuna. This time I Visited again to my beautiful beach town after the devastating tsunami. We both planned our trip a week before and plan to go by car.
We started in the early morning and plan to reach Ambalangoda for nice local Toddy. As we planned we reached Ambalangoda before 9 am, and had our catch. After relaxing an hour my cousin Ravi drove me back to the coast to Ambalangoda which is a centre of traditional mask and puppet making. We had a look round and couldn't resist buying a good luck mask. As we drove further south Ravi pointed out the chilling reminders of the Tsunami. Twisted railway tracks, smashed boats and ruined buildings showed the force of the disaster even on this, the west coast of the island. There also many positive signs in the form of building sites and development projects funded by the many nations who had donated. On a sadder note, all the way down the coast the devastation from the Tsunami was still evident and everyone tells us that the government is not using the money wisely. The country depends on its tourism which is noticeably down on previous years with empty beaches and restaurants. Ravi took us through the Dutch fort town of Galle to the delightful Unawatuna... Much to my surprise, Unawatuna was even more developed than when I had visited before. Thankfully, the beautiful stretch of beach and relaxed vibe of the place are blissfully intact.
We spent the next couple of days relaxing on the beach, swimming and enjoying the local food. The seafood was all really fresh and tasted great, especially when accompanied with a chilled Lion beer. For breakfasts we have been having some tropical fruits bananas, papaya and pineapple all juicy and ripe. As you would expect, our Lankan tea is very good but I didn't expect the fine teacups which it is always served in. Even in a grubby truck stop type cafe the tea was served in delicate floral cups; the sort you'd bring out if the vicar came round.
Every evening we head to the end of the beach where the waves crash into the rocks and watch the sunset. All good things must come to an end, so I enj
oyed my last sunset and party night and headed back to home.
I have had a great time in Sri Lanka on this holiday and looking for the next college break. I can't wait to go there again.

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