Friday, September 12, 2008

This part I'm going to analyse the problems faced by industry and the suggestions that could be implemented to eliminate the problems.


Malaysia’s Hospitality and tourism is already affected by negatively by the climate change. The following findings are some of the negative effects happened in the industry,
• Government measures and higher energy prices hit the tourism Industry in Malaysia. The transport sector is one of the major Contributors to the industry. And the recent hike in Fuel price increases the transportation and hotels energy costs.
• Increased prices for some of the traditional foods. This year for example Malaysia is experiencing the short fall in the Rice production and Prices of Rice is increased and the dishes made by rice also increased considerably.
• Heavy rain fall in the east cost of Malaysia affecting the attractiveness for tourists coming to the area. The weather pattern changed because of global warming and the result of that unexpected heavy rainfall occurs in this area recent years.
• Increasing sea level and bleaching coral reefs making less attractive to divers and under water explorers in most of the coastal areas of Malaysia.


The Malaysian tourism industry one of the largest industries and one that heavily depends on the climate and environment for its success can counter the problem in the following ways effectively. I believe that the actions will help and solve the problems.
• Tourism Industry must introduce the new energy sources, so that a shift takes place from other energy sources to renewable sources of energy such as wind, sea and solar power. So the Tourism Industry must encourage energy efficiency of buildings in existing and newly-built resorts, and where possible using electricity from renewable energy sources.
• Transport is another big contributor to the Tourism Industry so around the Hotels and resorts are another key area where changes can be made, and the hospitality establishment operators should be encouraged to incorporate with public transport and cycling in their Hotel and Resort areas. They must build much improved infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. This will reduce the contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions
• Tourism industry must introduce a Green energy tax. A considerable amount of the earnings should be used to provide energy efficiency incentives to small and medium-sized Hospitality establishments. This will encourage the industry to use more Eco friendly products in their establishment and help them to reduce the pollution in the Industry.


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