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Sri Lanka is an island of endless enchantment, a tiny tropical paradise where you could discover almost anything from golden sun-kissed beaches, mist-shrouded mountains, awe-inspiring ancient monuments and sprawling wild life parks to impenetrable rain forests and rushing white waters to get the adrenaline flowing.

Travellers have a right to dream, and in Sri Lanka they would discover their dreams could become a reality....

It is an Island of tranquil hospitality and spellbinding sights and sounds, a culture and heritage inherited over thousands of years, an island of vivid intensity where ancient customs and traditions blend perfectly with modern life.

Where the customs, traditions and religious beliefs brought in over the centuries add not only variety, but also spice to the island life, blending the best from the East and the West.

The Island has an unbroken expanse of beautiful golden beaches from the soft brown sands and warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean on its South and West Coast, to the world renowned beauty of its unspoilt expanses of beach on the East Coast.

No less than seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located in Sri Lanka. They include the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, the cave temples at Dambulla dating back to the 1st Century, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy and Sigiriya - the rock fortress in the sky said to be the 8th Wonder of the World.

The Sinharaja tropical rain forest is designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and the white-washed seaport of Galle with its impressive Fort is declared the only Living World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka.

The World renowned space fiction writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke, a resident of Sri Lanka has said : "The Island of Sri Lanka is a small universe containing as many variations of culture, scenery and climate as some countries a dozen times her size....."

Every point on the island can be reached with just a few hours travel by car, enabling even the short-term visitor experience the island's diversities.


Population: 140,000
District: Gampaha
Typical Weather: Warm
Distance from Colombo: 37 Kms

A characteristic fishing town 37Km north of Colombo. It is a mere km from the International Airport. Set amidst lush groves of coconut palms. It breathes the spirit of the sea, Negombo is a gourmet paradise with sea food in abundance. Old world fishing craft like the out trigger canoe and the catamaran bring seer, skipjack, herring, mullet, pomfret & amber-jack whilst lobster & prawns are caught in the lagoon.

Population: 48,000
District: Galle
Typical Weather: Warm & sunny
Distance from Colombo: 62 Kms

62 km south of Colombo, the Bentota Resort Complex is a romantic rendezvous of river and sea with several hotels, the railway station, post office, shopping arcade, cafeteria and an open air theatre showing folk and mask dancing with clusters of palms overlooking everything.

Population: 97,000
District: Galle
Typical Weather: Warm & sunny
Distance from Colombo: 116 Kms

116 km south of Colombo, is the most important southern town with an overwhelming charm. Believed to be the 'Tarshish' of the Bible, its natural harbour was a famous fort in days gone by. Famous for its Dutch fort, lace making, ebony carving and gem polishing.

Mount Lavinia
Population: 150,000
District: Colombo
Typical Weather: Warm & sunny
Distance from Colombo: 12 Kms

Just 12 km south of Colombo, Mount Lavinia is an immediate city suburb and the beach is one of the better known even in colonial times. It lies alongside a wind swept headland jutting into the waters of the Indian Ocean. The sand is the softest whilst the waves are calm. The Governor's House built in I805 by Sir Thomas Maitland, now forms part of the famous Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Population: 68,000
District: Matara
Typical Weather: Warm & sunny
Distance from Colombo: 143 Kms

27 km from Gall with its picturesque bay, and an off shore islet where a French Count built his dream house, Weligama is where you will see the famous stilt fishermen.

Population: 56,000
District: Batticaloa
Typical Weather: Warm & sunny
Distance from Colombo: 282 Kms

37 km from Batticaloa, Kalkudah, with its clear calm reef is ideal for seabathing. Passekudah which is in close proximity, has a fine bay with clear water. It is a popular tourist centre with all modern amenities which consists of a hotel and other facilities.

Arugam Bay

Population: 27,000
District: Ampara
Typical Weather: Warm & sunny
Distance from Colombo: 314 Kms

314 km from Colombo a most beautiful bay with good surfing. The East coast offers infinite possibilities for all kinds of water sports and underwater photography. The many ship-wrecks of the coast are a tempting challenge to the diver.

Population: 136,000
District: Kalutara
Typical Weather: Warm & sunny
Distance from Colombo: 56Kms

56 km south of Colombo, Beruwela marks the beginning of a 130 km stretch of beach where resort development has taken immense strides in the past few years. Bathing may be done in the bay all year round.


Population: 97,000
District: Galle
Typical Weather: Warm & sunny

Distance from Colombo: 98Kms 98 km south of Colombo, Hikkaduwa is the place for underwater delight. Site of the famed coral gardens. It is possible to hire a glass bottomed boat or goggles and flippers and explore the fantasies under your feet. Please make sure that you don't purchase or encourage the sale of corals.

Population: 91,000
District: Trincomalee
Typical Weather: Warm & sunny
Distance from Colombo: 257 Kms

257 km from Colombo, Trincomalee is the ideal refuge for the beach addict, with fte fine natural harbour and excellent beaches.

Population: 74,000
District: Galle
Typical Weather: Warm & sunny
Distance from Colombo: 90kms
A half hour's drive from Bentota would take you to Anbalangoda, home of devil dancing and mask making.

Population: 71,000
District: Baticaloa
Typical Weather: Warm & sunny
Distance from Colombo: 314 Kms
314 km from Colombo, battcaloa is famous for its 'singing' fish and picturesque lagoon.

District: Trincomalee
Typical Weather: Warm & sunny
Distance from Colombo: 271Kms
14 km from Trincomalee, Nilaveli was the venue for the 1985 International Funboard Championships. All water sports are available here including fishing and sea angling. Whale watching in the sanctuary is a speciality.

--The Discovery will be continue--


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